Thursday, January 04, 2007

enna samayalo, en ulle en ulle

Ahaaa!!! Back to blogging after a loooooooooong time. ;-)

This time I have a couple of songs in mind, I want to write about.

The first one is enna samayalo from unnal mudiyum thambi. Raagamalika, consisting of Mohanam, Vasanath, kalyani, madhyamavathi, did I miss anything?

Man, the lyrisict has to be commended more than the music director himself. Excellent lyrics, that makes absolute sense. The beauty lies in how the swara sthanams and the names of the ragas that are used, appropriately, to make sense with the flow of the song.


“Sa dha ma ga dha ma dha ma”, meaning sadham aga dhamadhama!!

Notice how the ragas have been hand picked to render swarams which would lead to words that could be used in the lyrics. In the above example the verse is sung in Vasantha with its raga latshanam kept intact. This is followed throughout the song.

First I thought it ought to be Vaali or Pulamaipithan who penned the lyrics for the song. To my surprise it was IR himself. Excellent is the word!!

The second one is en ulle en ulle from Valli. The movie produced by Rajnikanth. He has also acted in the movie in a guest role.

I think the song was sung by Swarnalatha, but some sites have it listed under Latha Rajnikanth’s name.

Boy!!! I have not heard any other song in Indian film music arena that is anywhere close to this song. The way he has used rhythm chords and base chords is exceptional. Both are of classic style. I guess this is one of the very rare songs where IR has used classic style with Bass guitar. In the charanams, check out the harmony. Mindblowing!! Yet another song that never got its due credit.

enna samayalo

en ulle


Subha said...

yabbaaa...after one year, a blog! :) Will this continue??

Sayee said...

En Ulle has been one of my favourite songs of all time. I loved it the first time I heard it. I Think i was in 10th standard.

I love the violin work in the song.

sb said...

sure will try to write a blog a week. :)
Machi seriousa semma soong. I was bowled when I listened to it first time, Valli release anappo ketten adha.

Sridhar said...

Welcome back.

This song enna samayalO was penned & tuned by IR for his early days movie eththanai kOnam eththanai paarvai. The naadhaswaram is superbly used to switch between the raagas deftly. One of the very few all time great raagamaalikas of Tamil Film music.

This superb VaLLi song has a wonderful mridhangam prelude. The mridhangam sets the stage for the scene & song. What a superb song. After this minute or so percussion(mridhangam) thani there is absolutely no percussion instrument used throughout the song. The rhythm is handled completely by the guitar. Swarnalatha has sung this very tough song soulfully. Never she forgets to mention this song and maalayil yaarO manadhOdu pEsa from kshatriyan as her most loved, favourite and challenging songs.

Anonymous said...

nice snippet. i had totally stopped checking ur blog and just happened to check it out today and see your article. never liked swarnalatha that much. should agree that this song and "malayil" are her all time best.

Priya said...

mara thamizha!!!

welcome welcome!!!

Viji said...

New post! nan kaanbadhu kanava, nenava?? :P :))
enna samayalo- chance-e illa, semma song. En ulle- never paid much attention to it. kettuttu comment panren. Thanks for the pointer. Do blog regularly!

Adiya said...

welgum back sir.. long long back while searching reetigowla i got it into ur and now again :) ur into full action.

nice piece of information. :) keep going dude

Prabhuram said...

Ilaiyaraja should have taken the pallavi for “En Ulle En Ulle” song in "Valli" from Barrington Pheloung's "Inspector Morse theme" song: