Monday, January 22, 2007

N.S Narayanamurthy on Math

I was watching the valedictory function of the Ramanujam Math Club in Infosys. Yet another reason for me to be impressed with the company. NSN has given an amazing speach to his fellow Infosysians. I have always been a fan of his speaches.
There is one thing he mentions that was very interesting and very true.

Like the old Chinese proverb, a picture is worth thousand words; a mathematical equation is worth thousand words.

How true!! A simple math equation can express most complex theories, that when you want to explain it in any other form would take pages and pages.


Zeppelin said...

agree and disagree.. a picture can appeal to different people at different levels, but on the other hand a math equation though achieving the same level of idea cross-over, would completely fail to reach a common man..

so maybe a mathematical equation is worth a thousand words when Einstein and LaGrange are discussing something.. :)

sb said...

actually, yeah I shud agree with you. but hey if you know the language, i bet there is no second opinion.

Anonymous said...

i think an equation is succint and tells a lot abt the person who'd written it and also abt the person who understands it.

kinda private communication even while in public..

btw, he's 2nd initial is R i guess.

Noya said...

People should read this.