Tuesday, February 07, 2006

rithigowla handled by IR, ARR, VS

IR (Ilayaraja) in 70-80's had given a couple of excellent songs in rithigowla. "thalayai kuniyum thamaraye" from "oru oadai nadhi agirathu" and the classic "chinna kannan azhaikkiran" from "kavikuyil". The former one sung by SPB (S. P. Balasubramaniyam) andUma Ramanan; and the later by BMK (Bala Murali Krishna). Good show by the vocalists. Raja has kept it simple with not much variation, just confirming to textbook standards of the raagam.

20 yrs later Raaja comes back with an amazing number in the same raagam, with a complex rhythm pattern, kanda chappu thalam cycle, with a mind blowing orchestration, "meetadha oru veenai" from "poonthottam". It is very unfortunate that this is one of those songs which goes into the dark annals, unnoticed. Sigh!!!

ARR (A.R. Rehman), with his “azhagana rakshasiye” from “mudhalvan”, poses a stiff competition to IR, in showing their mastery over the raagam. The song is well supported with the visual support by Shanker and team. Simple orchestration, good chord progression and stunning vocals by SPB and Harini.

VS (Vidhyasagar), comes up with “Sudum Nilavu” from “thambi” sung by Unnikrishnan and Harini. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed with VS after listening to the song. It reminds me of “meetadha oru veenai” a lot. Except for the rhythm pattern, much simplified from the sound-alike by IR, the chord progression and the melody resembles the song from “poonthottam” quite a lot.

Rithigowla is the child raagam from karaharapriya. I should say it is complex inheritance from KHP, “vakra janyam”. Some of the carnatic songs in the raagam;

Chera ravathe

Guruvayur appane

Janani ninnuvina


Zeppelin said...

aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....... manoharaaaaaaaa... enna oru aacharyam... :)

ippo serious comment - totally agree... very diluted version... and seems to run out of scope at some places... plus instrumentation-um onnumey illa... hmm...

and nee sollirkara matha paatellam... idhu kooda compare panna kooda layakke illa.. :p

Viji said...

Thathvamariya tharama, if I may add :)

dinesh said...


Very informative ! Nalla ezhudhirukke... meettadha oru veenai, first time ketten. Super ! You're right..went unnoticed ! And konjam complex rhythm pattern dhaan. Sudum nilavu was also good. Adhukkunu raja oda compare panradhellam konjam anyaayam :)

I was thinking, next time namma perform panrache (appdi oru suzh nilai erpattal :)), or if we record something, we should try something like kanda naal mudhalaai. Oru carnatic number a eduthu, western beats/bass add panni and we can add some pieces of our own. Arun, enna solre ?

One more to reethigowla list : Naadha vinodhangal from salangai oli

Prabhu said...

poi kekkaren nee mention pannina paatu ellam.
romba nalaache nnu un blog pakkam vanthen!

Dinesh - am game for that western beats/bass guitar idea, ashok a replace panna orthan venum la??

Priya said...

as said last time, its all new for me.. very informative..I am learning.
thanks and please do post more frequently!!

Hamsa said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Dude, Watever be the case ... None can beat ARR ...Remember that ... ok ?

ashokla said...


Me and Arun had the same discussion atleast with all the songs and raaga.

Note: All the raaga info given by Arun :)


Nee first VV appram Kay level ku Vaa beats la, hehe

Arvind said...

Hey i've never heard of that movie or song before - nice one indeed....

Was surprised to not find any track record of the movie - who acted (looks like devayani)...when was the movie released etc...

any such info appreciated...

there is also speculation - that thenkizhakku seemayile - ( kizhakku cheemai) and anbe sugama (Parthale paravasam) also bear traces of sahana....

Arvind said...

(realized, i commented ahead for the previous post too :) )

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Viji said...

Next post, please! :)

geniash said...

hi da. when is ur next coming up?

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Narayanan Venkitu said...

Fantastic post. I was mesmerized by IR's song 'meetadha'. I've written about it today.

bhooma said...

Hi Sujan...came thro Narayanan's blog..I started to learn how to play Violin but never got to the stage of identifying raaga's ..thogugh sudum nilavu felt too much like azhagaana rakshashiye for me..it also sounds a lil bit like the loud song in "hey nee romba azhagaa irukke"

tt_giant said...

Nice write-up. It was a very nice song, but as you said, would have been lost forever in the long gray line of tamil cinema!

eskay said...


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Keerthivasan said...


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Viji said...

adutha post podungal, Guruve... :P

ambi said...

ohh! azhagana ratchasiye! is rithigowla vaa? good info! i like the part where SPB goes in highpitch "kiliyee! allangkiliyee!"

will try to catch up freq now onwards. pls do post some more stuffs. :)

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Zeppelin said...

KNOCK KNOCK !!!! hellllooooooooooo ??

Ramesh said...


You can also add Yuvan's "Chudidhar aninthu vantha" song from the Suriya-Jo starrer poovellam kettu paar. Reethigowla is one raga which you can easily identify and hence some songs would definitely sound similar.

@ Dinesh: Nadha vinodhangal is sriranjani, I guess which has similar notes (without Pa) but reethigowlas arohanam avarohanam is different.


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ashokla said...

Daiiii, enga next post? Rithi gowlai-ya vechu evalo naal otta pora?

Zeppelin said...

machan vera ragam da please.. MDR vandhuduvar pola irukku da.. pleaseee...:P

Anonymous said...

Guess "Theenda Theenda Malarnthadhenna" from Thullavatho Ilamai may be added to this list of rithigowla songs.

Ganesh Venkittu said...

the following are also in Ritigowla

நன்னு விடச்சி -- தியாகராஜர்

ராக ரத்ன -- தியாகராஜர்

நின்னுவினா மரிகலதா -- சியாமா சாஸ்திரி

Vijay said...

Thanks for the informative post. Guess the new song from Subramaniapuram [KangaL IrandaaL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNZHjGWjKis] is also based on this raagam. Expert's comments on this please.

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