Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Sahana, I have not met a person yet who has not fallen in love with this raagam. KB has used this raagam a lot in his serials and movies, indha veenaikku theriyadhu is a classic from rayil sneham.

I was listening to giripai nelakonna rendered by M.D.Ramanathan. The song apparently is just 4 lines long. However, the version I was listening to spans 38 mins. Can you imagine somebody singing 4 lines for 38 mins. Of course I have the song with a raaga alapanai (the artiste tries to build on the raagam with his creativity and brings out the nuances in the raagam), and kalpana swarams (same explanation as kalpana swaram, just that this is done using the swaras and has to be in-bounds with the thalam or the metering) M.D.R made this song so famous that it became synonymous to the vocal guru in the days to follow.

Apparently, this is the last song composed by the saint composer, Thyagaraja. The song is about how the saint is levitating in Ecstasy after the dharshan of the Lord (Rama) and boon that he would to take the saint with him in 5 days. He composes this song on the Shankaranthi day (Pongal day) and on the day of the bahula panchami, 5 days later; he attains Mukthi which is observed as the Aradhana today.


giripai nelakonna rAmuni guri tappaka kanTi


parivArulu virisuraTulachEbaDi visaruchu gosaruchu sEvimpaga


pulakAnkituDai AnandASruvula nimpuchu mATalADavalenani
kalavarinchagani padi pUTalapai gAchedananu tyAgarAja vinutuni

Unerringly I saw Sri Rama installed on the hill. Thrilled with ecstasy, with tears of joy, I tried to speak. He promised to bless me in five days.


ak said...

hmm...so finally you did give in to Nisha..eh matey ?? :p

dinesh said...

Nalla post !

Sahaana la konjam newer tamil songs enna ellam ? theriyuma yaarukkavadhu ?

1. Kannamboochi (kandukonden) and
2. Sangeetha swarangal

Mattum dhaan theriyum. Vera enna famous a irukku ?

sb said...

hey Dins,
I think the only song that I can remember of in recent times composed in Sahana is Ruku Ruku from Avvai Shanmugi.
Kannambhoochi is more of Natakurinju, with very little trace of Sahana. It is more like some of the closing notes tuch upon Sahana, thats it.
Sangeetha Swarangal, the closest I think of is KHpriya, however the scale kind of confuses me. I could be wrong.

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Priya said...

oree nyaana sooniyamaa irukennu thonradhu inga vandhu pathaa...

atleast cinema paata vechaavadhu andha ragatha kekrennu enlighten panrathukku thanks sujan!!

Viji said...

Sujan- Good post!
Dinesh- Only the bit of humming after "un idhazh kondu..." is sahaana. Otherwise kannamoochi is predominantly set in natta kurunji (e.g for natta kurunji- paal vadiyum mugam by oothukkadu venkata subbaiyyar)
I think "anbe sugama" from Parthaley Paravasam is set in Sahaana. Not sure, though.

dinesh said...

Sujan and Viji,

I realized that kannamoochi is nattakurinji. I was only talking about that little bit. Should have been clearer I guess.

Anbe sugama, I have wondered as well. But adhulayum, light a kuttaya kozhappirkaar namma Rahman sir ! I am not sure it's just sahana. I thik it's a mix.

sb said...

yarume nyana sooniyam ellam kadayadhu. appadi patha unnoda thamizh blogs ellam naan enna nu sollardhu!! :-)
thanks. I visited your blog. I noiced that you had a post on Sathguru thyagaraja on bahula panchami day. I wanted to post one too, unfortunately could not make it.:-)
thanks again for stopping by. ;-)

Zeppelin said...

hope its not too late... just wanted to say Anbe Sugama - Sahana and Dwijavanthi with more slant towards Dwijavanthi.. after all both are janyas of HariKambhoji.. :) so I think ARR might've used it to his advantage..

Anonymous said...

I love sahana and I have been searching for this entha vennaiku theryathu song..where did u get it?

thanks yaar I love this song..


Hamsa said...

kalakarel pongo!I really enjoyed these two blogs. I am learning to identify ragas and am not much of a singer by the blogs and also the comments that follow are superb. keep up the good work. how about something on Kalyani or Hamsadhwani?

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Anonymous said...

The recent sahana song is Azhage sugama by ARR...
Also, Sujna, if u can get, listen to the recent giripai by T M Krishna. The krithi and KS alone go to 27 mintues...