Wednesday, May 11, 2005

kidaikkumo indha dharaNi dhanile

Everytime I witness a classic it starts with liking, then wonderment, then yearning. The obsession quenches, will quench, only after I happen to be the part of the proceedings.

kandEn oru nAL;
kondEn oru nAL;
avarudan oru nAL ;
AnAl, An nAL ,
vidai peruven marunAL .(migai kondu)

AnAl in line three means, "if it happens,"

Every time I witness a classic,
Then wonderment, then yearning,
The obsession quenches, will quench, after time I happen to the part of the proceedings (with some exaggeration)

note: migai seithal, kavignanin sothu!!!

To name some:

* vaLLuvan edhuril kai katti oru nAL
* avvAi kizhavidam pAtti kadhaigal kettukondu ou nAL
* mAmallan narasimha pallavan rAjyathil sirpigaludan oru nAL
* rAja rAja Sozhan sabhayil oru nAL
* thirumurai pannirendu ezhudhiya nAyanmArgaludan oru nAL
* mArgazhi thingaLil AndAl odu oru nAL
* kAveri pattinam thiruvaiyARRil thyAgayanodu oru nAL
* ezhutthal routhiram pazhakkiya en Bharathiyudan oru nAL
* mAlgudiyil nArayananodu oru nAL
* kaviyarasarodu bodhayil oru nAL
* M.S. Amma isayodu oru nAL
* nadigar thilagam nAdaga kuzhuvil oru nAL
* Raaja re-recordingil oru nAL
* Kamal Hassan /Crazy thiraikadhai vivadhathil oru nAL

"samAnam Aguma?!?!?!?!"

Saturday, May 07, 2005

enna pArvai indha pArvai

kadhalikka nEramillai, an excellent movie by Sridhar. Very clean comedy, beautiful colors (andha kAlathu Eastman color padam), super hit songs.
Talking about songs, it was yet another example of the tussle between kaviarasar Kannaadhasan and the duo Visawanathan-Ramamurthi.

This particular song, illustrates kavingnar’s command over the language

“enna pArvai indha pArvai”
“idai melindhAl indha pAvai”

Picturisation: The camera is focused on the eyes of the heroine on the first line and slowly moves down to her hips and thus leading to the lyric.

Here is the play of words by the kavignar I wanted to point out. Focus is on the word “pArvai”.
The word has “rana” used in the word as the middle letter (idai, middle), when this letter fades, melindhAl, the result is “pAvai”

Or it can also be interpreted as:
“rana” idayinamaga (mei ezhuthil, vallinam, idayinam, mellinam endru mUndru vagai) irukka, melindhal viLaivadhu mellinam alla, verum uyir ezhuthe.

“enna pArvai indha pArvai”
“idai melindhAl indha pAvai”

Thursday, May 05, 2005

vaNakkathil mUnru vagai

“Hey wassup!!!”
I am not sure if they carry any meaning. adhulayum, indha “Hai!!!”, God only knows what it really means.
vaNakkam, the Tamil way of greeting one another. I can hear murmurs, adhellam andha kAlam. Did you know that there are three ways, in Tamil culture to greet people with the same vaNakkam.
1. When the gesture is joining of two hands next to your heart. It means, it is delivered from your heart. It is usually exchanged between friends, close relatives etc. eg. vaNakkam mAmA
2. When the gesture is joining of hands in front of your face. It means it is delivered from your brain. Usually it is conveyed with respect to your teachers, your Boss, something like vaNakkam modhaLALi
3.When you join your hands above your head. It is usually seen in temples, where you pray to God, placing him on top of everything.

Ain’t it profound? Today we talk about communication protocols token rings, priority flags etc.

thamizhan maRabu kaNiporikkum porundhum!!!!”

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Ariyakhudi to Udit Narayan

I was going through Zepplin’s blog on SPB and aha, found a good one to write today!!!! Right from the days of Ariakhudi Ramanujam Iyengar, often referred to the father of karnataka isai panthadhi, meaning the protocol for rendering the carnatic music. However, I feel he does not deserve the title. The prime reason being that he was instrumental for transforming most of the Thyagaraja keerthana’s meaningless or for that matter any foreign language compositions meaningless. (I refer to any other than Tamil as foreign language).
Take for instance
“Endharo mahanubhavulu Andharikki Vandhanamu”.
Meaning:- I respect all those great men.
An excellent composition by saint Thyagaraja. The sahithaym or the lyric has to be rendered the way it is mentioned above. Instead the way it is sung today, even by the most learned musicians is,
“Endharoma haanu baavu”
“loo andhari Ki Vandhanamu”.

This reminds me of an old Tamil saying “sukhumi Laghudhi ippili” for “ sukku miLagu thippili
The only person, till very recently, who I have heard rendering the song without disturbing its meaning is BMK. I happened to listen to SPB sing the song like the past week, though not very carnatic, yet did not spoil its contents. This attribute of his is not only true with his mother tongue, Telugu. I have heard him sing in various languages including Hindi and never once have I felt that the meaning is lost. (Of course, within my knowledge bounds).
Yet another notorious singer of recent times is Udit Narayan. There is no contest about his voice. He has an excellent voice and one of the best singers in the Hindi Film music world. But when it comes to singing Tamil songs, man he is awful.
Not once has he even come close to singing a song without murdering its contents.

“thamizh ini mella chagum!!!!”